International films

Hilde started her film career with a leading role internationally, alongside Catherine Deneuve, James Wilby and Denis Lavant in “la partie’ d’echec” directed by Yves Hanchar (best movie int. filmfestival Gent) and later on in “Olivetti 82” alongside Dirk Roofthooft. She played the part of the Grand actress in “Parade’s End”, a tv series for HBO/BBC2 directed by Susanna White (Nanny Mc Phee, Jane Eyre) and adapted by Sir Tom Stoppard.

Hilde worked together with director Tom Shankland, and actors as James Nesbitt and Thecky Karyo for a new limited drama series ” the Missing”. Hilde plays the part of Vivienne. The BBC , in partnership with ssarz, will co-produce “The Missing”.

Selection of Film & Television Credits

2019 FILM “Sinner” – part : Carine – directed by Emilie Verhamme – produced by Holden Wallace / Sint-Truiden Belgium
2018 (released in 2020) FILM “Cruise Control” – part : Christel – directed by Rudi Van Den Bossche – produced by Antares Productions/ Berchem Belgium
2017 FILM “Onbezonnen” – part : the mother – director: Maximiliaan Van den Abeele, RITCS Brussels
2016 FILM “Het tweede gelaat” directed by Jan Verheyen – produced by Eyeworks
2015 TV “De Bunker” 2nd season, episode 3 “Happy Hippo” – guestpart : Carine Loze – directed by Hans van Nuffel – produced by Eyeworks
2015 FILM “Say Something Funny” – part : Astrid Fierens – directed by Nic Balthazar – produced by Eyeworks
2015 TV “Echt Niet OK” – episode “Kinderen” – part : kersverse oma  directed by Jevon Lambrechts – produced by Demensen
2015 TV “Echt Niet OK” – episode “Feest” – part : Stresskip gastvrouw – directed by Joost Wynant – produced by Demensen
2015 TV “Coppers” episode 1 – part: Catherine Magits/ Smedts (guest) – directed by Maarten Moerkerke – produced by Menuet and VTM
2015 FILM  “Onmacht” – short film – part: the mother  – directed by Sara Van Oostrum / Rits Brussels

2014 TV “Best Friends” / episode 6 – part: –   produced by “The Filistijnen” for één
2014 TV “Missing / Eden” – drama series – part: Vivienne  directed by Tom Shankland – produced by New Pictures, Company Pictures, Two Brothers and Playground – co-produced by BBC / Starz
2014 TV “Old Tricks” – TVserie – part: Jenny  directed by Kaat Beels & Anke Blondé – produced by Blazhoffski & A Private View /VTM
2014 FILM “Pandemonium” – short film – part: mother  directed by Philippe Van den Eynde/Rits Brussels

2013 TV “De Vriendinnen” – tvserie – part: Laura  directed by Ceclia Verheyen  produced by Menuet & één (vrt)
2013 TV “Aspe 9” – tvserie – part: Myriam (guest)  directed by Vincent Rouffaer  produced by Skyline & VTM
2013 TV “Ontspoord” – tvserie – part: the mother  directed by Jakob Verbruggen  produced by Menuet & VTM

2012 TV “In Flanders Fields” – tvserie – part: Jacoba Vos  directed by Jan Mathijs  produced by Menuet & één (vrt)
2012 TV “vermist” – part Marianne (guest)  directed by Cecelia Verheyden  produced by Eyeworks Brussels /TV Vier
2012 FILM ”Tendresse” – film – part: Antje  written and directed by Marion Hänsel  produced by Man’s Films, Brussels
2012 TV ”Deadline” – tvserie – part: one of the leads  directed by Maarten Moerkerke  produced by Menuet / VTM

2011 TV ”Parade’s End” – part: Grand Actress  directed by Susanna White (Jane Eyre,Nanny McPhee,the Big Bang)  produced by HBO, BBC TWO, MAMMOTH SCREEN PRODUCTIONS  screenplay adapted by Sir Tom Stoppard  with Rebecca Hall, Benedict Cumberbatch, Rupert Everett,Stephan Graham, Miranda   Richardson, Anne-Marie Duff
2011 TV “Vijfhoek”, 13 episodes – part: Katja Vaessen  directed by Christian Vervaet & Roel Mondelaers  produced by Kanakna, Brussels / tv één VRT

2010 TV “De Rodenburgs 2” – part: lead (Hannah De Ridder)  directed by Christophe Ameye & Gijs Polspoel  produced by Skyline, Brussels / VTM
2010 TV “Witse” serie 9 episode 81 – part: Marie Declercq (guest)   directed by Melinda van Berlo  produced by VRT één, Brussels
2010 COMM “EU – Research Innovation Union” – EU film   directed by Renaat Coppens  produced by Emakina / Motion, Brussels
2010 FILM “The Fonz” – part: Marie  short movie directed by Thomas Schoenaerts  Filmschool St-Lukas

2009 TV “De Rodenburgs” – part: lead (Hannah De Ridder)  directed by Christophe Ameye, Kurt Vervaeren, Lynn Verheyen  produced by Skyline, Brussels / VTM
2009 TV “Code 37” episode 12&13 – part: Moniek (guest)  directed by Jakob Verbruggen  produced by Menuet, Gent / VTM
2009 TV “Wolven” episode 5&6 – part: Patty Walcott & Elke (guest)  directed by Rik Daniels & Stef Desmijter  produced by VRT één en Prime Time / VRT één, Brussels
2008 TV “Witse” serie 7 epsisode 3 – part: Josee Liefmans (guest)  directed by Luc Coghe  produced by VRT, één, Brussels
2008 TV “Flikken” serie 10 episode 10 – part: Michelle (guest)  produced by VRT, één, Brussels
2008 TV “180” – part: lead (Gina Willems)  directed by Jakob Verbruggen,codirector Kadir Balci,DOP Ruben Impens  produced by Dubois meets Fugger & ESF, in cooperation with Menuet & RTVM

2007 FILM “Demon” – part: the mother  directed by Michael Van Craen  produced by RITS, Brussels
2007 TV “Matroesjka’s 2” – part: Laura Keyser  10 episodes directed by Marc Punt & Guy Goossens  produced by Independent Films, Antwerp
2007 TV “Sprookjes (Fairy Tales)” – part: de zeeheks in “de kleine zeemeermin”,   en de moeder in “rozewitje”  directed by Rudi Van den Bossche  produced by Cine3 Antonio Lombardo,Brussels / TV één
2007 TV “Spoed” – part: guest in the 13th episode  produced by Studio A / VTM

2006 FILM “The Dearly Departed” – part: his wife  directed by Nick Derutter  produced by Living Stone & Martin Dewitte, Wielsbeke
2006 FILM “Mama” – part: Mama (lead)  directed by Sissi Seifert  produced by Luna Films & Fobic Films, Ghent
2006 FILM “A Writer’s Block” – part: Anna (lead)  directed by Eshref Reybrouck  produced by RITS, Brussels
2006 TV: “Aspe” – part: Renate Degucht (guest)  directed by Kurt Vervaeren  produced by Skyline Entertainment, Brussels
2005 FILM “Compassion” – part: Els (lead)  directed by Tom Geens DOP:A.Marcoen (gebr.Dardenne)  produced by CAVIAR, Brussels
2005 FILM “3 Makes A Crowd” – part: Hilda (lead)  directed by B.Charpentier & L.Michiels  produced by Focus Brussels
2005 TV “Witse” – part: Els Goeminne(guest)  directed by Vincent Rouffaer  produced by VRT, Brussels
2004 TV “Matroesjka’s” – part: Laura Keyser  directed by Marc Punt & Guy Goossens  produced by Independent Films, Antwerp
2004 TV “Rupel 2” (13 episodes) – part: Veerle De Tender (lead)  directed by Renaat Coppens  produced by Created by Conception, Ghent
2003 TV “Rupel” (13 episodes) – part: Veerle De Tender (lead)  directed by Renaat Coppens  produced by Created by Conception, Ghent
2001 FILM “Olivetti 82” – part: Suzanne (lead)  directed by Rudi Van den Bossche  produced by Prime time, Antares, and Ijswater Films (Brussels, Antwerp, Amsterdam)
2000 FILM “1585” – part: Moeder  directed by Jakob Verbruggen  produced by RITS, Brussels
2000 TV “Recht op Recht” – part: Anouk Claeys (guest)  directed by Luc Coghe  produced by VRT, Brussels
1998 FILM “Lange Nacht” – part: Philippe  directed by Manno Lanssens  produced by Noordfilm, Brussels
1998 TV “Wij Alexander” – part: Catharina (lead)  directed by Rimko Haanstra  produced by Corona Films, Amsterdam
1997 FILM “Blind Date” – part: Christine (lead)  directed by Christophe Van De Perre  produced by RITCS, Brussels
1997 TV “Maria op zolder”(aka De 7 Deugden)- part: Lena (lead)  directed by Arno Dierickx  produced by IDTV – De Luwte, Amsterdam
1996 FILM “Brylcream Boulevard” – part: Jeanine  directed by Robbe De Hert  produced by Favourite Films, Brussels
1996 TV “Niets dan witte bloemen” – part: Hoertje  directed by Eric Oosthoek  produced by BRT/IKON, Brussels/Hilversum
1996 TV “Windkracht 10” – part: Samantha  directed by several, o.a.Eric Van Looy  produced by Multimedia/TROS, Brussels/Hilversum
1995 TV “Een dag als een ander” – part: Engelse  directed by Eric Oosthoek  produced by IKON/BRT, Brussels/Hilversum
1995 TV “Buiten de Zone” – part: Hoertje  directed by Bart De Pauw & Luc Coghe  produced by BRT, Brussels
1994 FILM “La Partie d’Echecs” – part: Anne-Lise(lead)  directed by Yves Hanchar  produced by Films des Tournelles, Films de l’Etang (Paris, Brussels)
1994 TV “De Opvolger” – part: Mandy  directed by Jean-Pierre De Decker  produced by Gaumont/Nos, Paris/Amsterdam
1992 TV “Het glas van roem en dood” – part: Sofie  directed by Roland Verhavert  produced by Visie/BRT, Brussels
1991 FILM “Boys” – part: Tanya  directed by Jan Verheyen  produced by Independent Films, Brussels
1991 TV “In Loving Memory” (aka R.I.P) – part: Jeanine  directed by Jos Van Gorp  produced by BRT, Brussels
1990 TV “Moordterras” – part: Martine (lead)  directed by Roland Verhavert   produced by Visie/BRT, Brussels
1989 FILM “A kiss to build a dream on” – part: (lead)  directed by Geert Genbrugge  produced by Narafi, Brussels
1989 TV “De Helman Factor” – part: Monique  directed by Roland Verhavert  produced by Visie/BRT, Brussels
1989 TV “The Sea Takes All” – part: Heidi  directed by Antonia Bird  produced by Central Television, London for ITV
1988 FILM “Blueberry Hill” – part: Jeanine  directed by Robbe De Hert  produced by Favourite Films, Brussels
1988 TV “Meester, hij begint weer” – part: employée  directed by Robbe De Hert  produced by BRT, Brussels
1988 TV “Het spook van Monniksveer” – part: Doris  directed by Frank Van Mechelen  produced by BRT, Brussels
1986 FILM “Hector” – part: servant  directed by Stijn Coninx  produced by Multimedia, Brussels