Hilde Heijnen has a warm and unique voice, she plays with all the different timbres. She was nominated in 2006 for Best Voice with "Jonkvrouw" (A novel by Jean-Claude Van Rijckeghem and Pat Van Beirs). She played the part of the dog Jezebel in the family movie "Marmaduke" (20th CENTURY FOX) and of Janet in "Beemovie" (PIXAR) and Arlene in "Garfield gets real". She works toghether with Karel Van Marcke (Jazz musician and composer) and the Chroma-ensemble for "Conversations": a unique combination of Fusion, Jazz, accordeon, percussion and the spoken word. A real challenge !
She also lends her voice for several commercials and documentaries.

Some Samples:

Voice coaching

voices for several commercials
coaching children voices for several commercials


e.g. ‘Antartica in 100 days’

Voice over

The Bee Maya: voice of Cassandra - produced by Studio 100
Marmaduke: voice of Jezebel, the dog - 20th Century Fox
Je Bent wat je eet: commentary voice - Eyeworks / VTM
The Bee-Movie: voice of Janet, the mother of Barry the bee - produced by Dreamworks
Garfield Gets Real: voice of Arlene, Garfields’ girlfriend - new DVD


Performance of “Wonderbaby and Des-illusional Tales”:  vocals together with Velvet Morning led by Myriam G.S.Mestiaen / Opening Night Exhibition “Bloedtest” in the Dr Guislain Museum/ Ghent 2019 

10th Anniversary of the Antwerp University Performances together with Tuur Florizoone, Alain Pringels and other artists for the 10th Anniversary of the University of Antwerp, on 15/10/2013 in the Antwerp Opera House.

University Antwerp together with Tuur Florizoone and Alain Pringels for the honorary doctorate of Luc Devroye, Bernard Mc Ginn, Peter J.Katzenstein, Harald Zur Hauzen and doctoris honoris causa Franco Dragone.

Conversations een spannende combinatie tussen jazz,fusion, accordeon percussie en woord, een uitdaging met “Chroma” olv Karel Van Marcke (piano & composities), Pascal Schumacher (Vibrafoon), Joachim Badenhorst (Sax/Klarinet), Cedric Waterschoot (Bas), Lionel Beuvens (Drums) guest:Tuur Florizoone (Accordeon) Teksten zijn van Alain Pringels

Literary evening concentrating on Eduardo Galeano performed by Hilde Heijnen & Hilde Uitterlinden - directed by Hilde Uitterlinden music by Juan Masondo & Carlos Diaz - produced by Wereldculturencentrum Zuiderpershuis, Antwerp

Kafka performed by Hilde Heijnen & Hilde Uitterlinden music composed by Hilde Heijnen video & composition by Hilde Heijnen & Alain Pringels produced by Wereldculturencentrum Zuiderpershuis/Good!, Antwerp/Ghent & Unweeded Garden, Ghent

Dame met het hondje (A. Tsjechow) - part: lead directed by Hilde Heijnen music by Sacha Van Loo video by Hilde Heijnen & Alain Pringels produced by Zuiderpershuis/Good!, Antwerp/Ghent

Music Happenings

Zotte koning - part: woman/lover directed by Alain Pringels music by Karel Van Marcke - music intermezzi by Kohn orchestra: Jambangle video: Visual Kitchen